Sabrina Lloyd was born in Maryland, and has lived in Colorado, California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana and New York. She is a graduate of Florida State University (BFA Acting) and Indiana University (MFA Directing). She co-founded and was an Artistic Director for GroundUp theatre in Chicago. As an actor her work was critically praised and as an ensemble player was nominated for a Jeff award in Chicago. She performed in both theatre and independent film, and did a brief stint as a costumed character for parades and events. As a little girl her report cards noted that she was a pleasure to have in class, but a little too bossy with her peers. It was only natural that she would find her way into directing. As a director, she has worked with various theatres in the Mid-West, Los Angeles and New York City. Now transplanted into the heart of Los Angeles, she is also getting involved in casting as well as theatre direction to put her skill with working with actors and critical eye to task. As an acting coach, she offers very practical nuts and bolts, non-mystical adjustments that take the mystery out of the craft and allow for more artistic control with flexibility and a deeper insight into achieving an organic flow in performance. She plays a little ukulele and enjoys a good meal and a great bottle of wine.